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LMQC Nutritionist blogger, Jeni Tackett, reminds us that it’s all the little things – like extra bites, “just-a-sips”, and holiday treats – that can add pounds to your waistline. Here are five ways to keep eating healthy during the holidays.

by Nutritionist Blogger, Jeni Tackett, RD, LD

Our diets often slip during the cold holiday months.  Just remember that little bites and sips add up to weight gain in the winter months.

5 Tips to be mindful this holiday

•    Don’t skip:  Avoid skipping meals which leads to overeating later in the day. Start each day with a healthy breakfast. Bring healthy foods for lunch to work so that you will not be tempted to eat out or grab from the vending machine. Eat an afternoon snack around 3 pm if dinner gets pushed back.

•    Throw it out:  Do not feel obligated to keep leftover treats and other junk foods in your house. Keep your home a haven for healthy eating during the holidays. Remember: it either goes in the waste or on your waist.

•    Sit down:  Make the rule that you must be seated for meals and snacks. Focus just on eating rather than on television, the computer, or other activities. Be mindful of the foods that you eat to fuel your body.

•    Slow down:  The holiday season can be hectic. Don’t speed up your meal times. Make a practice of extending meals to at least 30 minutes. Listen to your body and stop eating when you are satisfied. Do not get to the point of being stuffed!

•    Serve Moderately:  Make sure you are the one dishing out your portions at holiday gatherings. Put less of the indulgent foods on your plate (gravies, rolls, desserts) and more of the healthy foods (fruits, vegetables). You can still enjoy bites of your favorite dishes during the holidays without overdoing the amount.

Here are some more tips to help with portion control!

Make a plan now to stay mindful during the holiday season so that when January 1st rolls around, you can make the resolution to keep up the good work!

Jeni Tackett

Jeni Tackett

Nutritionist Blogger

Jeni is a registered and licensed dietitian for Rock Valley Health. Jeni counsels her clients on weight loss and nutrition.