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LMQC dietary blogger and Registered Dietitian Jeni Tackett explains how you can get away from it all and go to an island paradise – even if it’s just for the afternoon.

by Nutritionist Blogger, Jeni Tackett, RD, LD

After enduring winter in the Quad Cities, you may be looking for an island getaway.

Zeke’s Island Café near the corner of 2nd and Harrison Streets in Davenport is the place for you! The food is flavorful, colorful, and fun. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try Zeke’s sooner (at least I did!)

Keep it healthy by knowing what to select

As with any restaurant, there are healthy and unhealthy choices at Zeke’s. Seeing “crispy” on the menu will alert you to the higher fat choices that the crispy shrimp and fried eggrolls represent.

However, if you want to eat healthy, Zeke’s also offers plant based choices. Try the black beans and tofu along with grilled protein options such as grilled shrimp!

Healthy options, ahoy!

Other healthy choices include:

• Jamaican jerk chicken with black beans, rice, and cilantro. Black beans are a wonderful addition to many of the meals at Zeke’s. Black beans are high in fiber, protein, and magnesium. The fiber and magnesium content make black beans a great addition to a heart-healthy diet.

• Caribbean tacos with your choice of meat. You can choose grilled tilapia or black beans and tofu to make the tacos a healthy, lean choice. Lean fish, such as tilapia, is an excellent protein choice for a heart-healthy diet.

• Island salads with your choice of meat. I chose the island salad with tofu, black beans, and the tango mango vinaigrette. Zeke’s island salad is one of my favorite salads of all time –flavorful, crunchy, colorful, and satisfying.

•  You also get a choice of an island side. I chose the Hawaiian macaroni salad, which is not the healthiest option due to the added mayonnaise (but it was very delicious!). Healthier side options would be fresh pineapple, steamed rice, or black beans.

•  Zeke’s also offers gluten-free options for those with celiac disease, and the menu is clearly marked to help with gluten-free choices.

Treat yourself to an island getaway and enjoy the flavorful, tropical tastes of Zeke’s Island Café!

Jeni Tackett

Jeni Tackett

Nutritionist Blogger

Jeni is a registered and licensed dietitian for Rock Valley Health. Jeni counsels her clients on weight loss and nutrition.