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LMQC dietary blogger Jeni Tackett offers five tips on ensuring you do not fall into the concession stand trap or wind up as the next victim of the local fast-food drive-thru when attending outdoor events!

by Nutritionist Blogger, Jeni Tackett, RD, LD

There are a lot of sports and outdoor events in the Quad Cities, and many families are at the mercy of concession stands and fast food joints to feed their families while they’re on the go.

You do not have to fall into the concession stand trap or the drive-thru!

A key to eating healthy is planning.

Preparing for weekend tournaments, after-work games, and long trips takes a little thought.

Even as a dietitian, I have fallen into the trap of being unprepared. Here are five tips to keep you eating healthy when the only food choices are processed cheese, hot dogs, or burgers and fries:

•  Get to the grocery store: Even if you have to shop on Friday night before a weekend tournament, get thee to the grocery store! You need plenty of produce and healthy sandwich fixings to survive long hours traveling in the car or watching games.

•  Bring a cooler: Your destination may not allow you to bring a cooler inside, but you can still keep a cooler in your car and fuel up between games. You can fill your cooler with fresh fruit, cut-up veggies, sandwiches made with lean meats or nut butters, and plenty of water.

•  Fill the hotel fridge: For overnight tournaments or vacations, find a hotel with a refrigerator and fill it up with healthy choices. You can have yogurt, fruit, veggies, and hummus for snacks instead of chips and candy bars from vending machines.

•  Make the right restaurant choice: When you have a choice, pick a restaurant with some healthy choices. Rather than a restaurant that features fried meats and sides, pick a restaurant with some lean meat options, fresh fruit, and salad options.

•  Make the right choice at the restaurant: If you end up at a fast food restaurant, do not order the deluxe burger and fries. You can choose a regular burger, grilled chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise, or salad with grilled chicken. Explore healthier sides such as baked potato, fresh fruit, or side salad.

Remember that YOU control what you order and how much you eat.

Have a positive attitude that you can eat healthy no matter your schedule.

Jeni Tackett

Jeni Tackett

Nutritionist Blogger

Jeni is a registered and licensed dietitian for Rock Valley Health. Jeni counsels her clients on weight loss and nutrition.